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Innovation breakthroughs promise the best in performance, ergonomics and reduced lifetime costs.

Vacuum Cleaners

TASKI AERO 8 Plus and 15 Plus

The “All-In-One” feature combination with highest efficiency and ultra-low noise

The TASKI AERO 8/15 PLUS high-efficiency vacuum cleaner uses state-of-the-art technology and has a super-efficient motor. With the patented TASKI whisper technology, the vacuum cleaner works ultra-silently. Based on a symbiosis of technology and functional design, the PLUS series offers unmatched ease of use combined with a unique range of features. What’s more, replacement of parts such as cables and filters is simplified by clever design and can be carried out by the user in seconds without the need for any tools.

TASKI AERO 8/15 PLUS brings you:

  • Advanced features in a unique combination
  • Sustainable high-efficiency concept with Eco function
  • Ultra-silent TASKI whisper technology
  • Designed and tested according to operational best practice
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The TASKI AERO BP back pack vacuums deliver best in class performance, lightness and user comfort

Ideal for stairs, lifts, and entrances. Low weight, low sound and slim profile combined with great suction and versatility. The lithium battery model is perfect for areas where ultimate agility and freedom of movement is essential.

TASKI AERO BP brings you:

  • Light, quiet & discreet
  • Comfort & ergonomics
  • Flexibility & autonomy
  • Performance
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TASKI jet 38 and 50

Professional upright 15 inch (38 cm) and 20 inch (50 cm) vacuum cleaners are engineered with dual motor systems, providing high suction power and efficient cleaning.

Key Features

  • Power and efficiency
  • Versatility
  • Improved air quality
  • Easy and ergonomic transportation
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TASKI vacumat 22 and 22T

Standard cord electric wet/dry vacuum cleaner offers ultimate flexibility when used with an easy-to-attach dry vacuuming kit, making the machine truly multi-functional.

Key Features

  • Maximum flexibility
  • True versatility
  • Increased productivity
  • Robustness and durability
  • 22 T integrated trolley
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TASKI vacumat 44T

Large cord electric-powered wet/dry vacuum cleaners feature a fixomat squeegee for efficient water pickup and streak-free drying results.

Key Features

  • Improved productivity
  • Excellent suction performance
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Robustness and durability