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A Protective Shield That Encourages Confidence And Trust


The Diversey Shield will enable you to rebuild guest and visitor confidence towards your brand and its cleanliness standards in order to minimize the impact of COVID-19. Your properly trained employees can also be assured they are working in hygienically safe operations and facilities.


The Diversey Shields effectively communicate that enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols based on WHO, CDC, eCDC and EASA guidance are monitored by Diversey® and Diversey Consulting™ Experts.


You can use 1 - 3 Shields offline and online, as a “seal of hygiene” in order to show that your business is safe:

  • Clean and Ready
  • COVID-19 Safety Program
  • Food Safety Program


Your Advantages:

  • Minimize the impact of COVID-19 on your business
  • Make a visible commitment to your customer that your facility is safe for shopping, eating and sleeping
  • Demonstrate compliance to your local authorities
  • Provide extra reassurance and trust with hospital disinfectants
  • Safe working environment for your employees
  • Brand protection
  • Maintain the highest sustainability standards with eco-labeled cleaning solutions and the premium sustainability profile of AHP® (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide), that breaks down harmlessly into oxygen and water
Diversey Shield Banner

The CLEAN AND READY Shield is awarded to customers who comply with:

  • Complete COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 solutions in place
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols in place (method, frequency, contact time, dilution rate, high touch points)
  • Sufficient support materials in place (wall charts, instruction cards, method cards)
  • Staff are trained on enhanced cleaning and personal hygiene (Diversey can support with its Hygiene Academy)


Diversey Hygiene Academy


Utilizing the Diversey Hygiene Academy we offer expert backed cleaning and disinfection protocols unique to your business as well as online training and certification programs, as well as webinars with the experts so your employees stay up to date. Learn more about our Hygiene Academy here.

Diversey Shield Program Sectors


Making a visible commitment with the Diversey Consulting Shields


The COVID-19 Safety Shield

The Diversey COVID-19 Safety Shield effectively communicates to your customers that Diversey Consulting provides the necessary safety audits for you to maintain the highest level of COVID-19 prevention to keep your employees and guests safe. Individual sites can receive the approved COVID-19 Shield upon completion of a successful audit to ensure business is guarded and ready for performance.

The Food Safety Shield

To ensure your guests' peace of mind and your brand reputation, we have launched the Diversey Consulting Food Safety Shield. With the Diversey Food Safety Shield, the experts at Diversey Consulting provide the necessary verification and auditing to ensure compliance with all the required food safety guidelines in the food production and service area. 


Learn about how you can work with our Diversey Consulting team to get enrolled in the COVID-19 Safety Program or our Food Safety Program. Learn more about our Diversey Consulting programs here.

Diversey Shield Program

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