The TASKI Aero BP backpack vacuums deliver best in class performance, light weight and user comfort. The vacuum is available as an electric or lithium ion battery model, providing unlimited autonomy and freedom of movement respectively.

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  • Low weight and sound level is achieved through smart design and materials without impacting performance and creating unpleasant heat. A slim profile is paired with whisper quiet technology to achieve discreet cleaning.
  • The TASKI Aero BP can quickly and easily be converted into either an ultra-compact canister vacuum or a leaf, debris and/or sand blower. This three-in-one multifunctional machine is the only vacuum needed to spot clean small to medium areas.
  • Low overall weight is critical to any back pack vacuum. At just 10.4 lbs. (electric) and 11.7 lbs. (battery), they are amongst the lightest backpack vacuums available. The slim profile and webbing made from hi-tech modern ruck sack materials deliver near perfect weight distribution and exceptional user comfort.
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • The Aero BP is perfect for stairs, elevators, lobbies and entranceways. The battery model is exceptional for any location where a public presence makes safety a priority. The electric model provides unlimited autonomy is locations like office buildings and theatres.
4.5 l
45 l/sec