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Improve the safety of your operations with our COVID-19 Support Program


At Diversey Consulting, everything we do upholds the belief that we can support protecting lives, and our advice is aiding to maintain efficient but safe operations.
In this perspective, our team of experts have developed a Covid-19 operations support program to help your business prepare for the new circumstances, either for re-opening or for already functional businesses, with special focus on the behavior of people and with the objective to protect staff and guests by limiting the possibilities of an infection spread. 


Diversey Consulting Process

Step 1 - Diversey Consulting helps you build your Covid-19 protocol

Our team of experts has developed an operational support document for COVID-19. It includes a detailed description of the new operational procedures to ensure you are prepared and continue to operate safely. This scientific document goes beyond the current information available on the Internet. From receiving goods and handling food to buffet, table service, vending machines, kids' area to laundry procedures, fitness area and spa. We've bundled all the preventative measures into one guide focused on improving food safety, cleaning guidelines, social distancing, hand hygiene and contactless customer experience. We support you in developing the risk assessment part and help you create your personalized COVID-19 manual to guide you through the risks and preventive measures. This program includes:

  • Technical manual
  • Audit form
  • Support documents and wallcharts


Step 2 - We train your teams

COVID-19 prevention is about the attitude of individuals: the behavior of your employees but also your customers. Discover our tips, our creative and inspiring ideas, our online training tools. After course completion, a training certificate is provided for staff members passing the course exam.


Step 3 - We monitor the compliance of your security plan

Through regular audits validate the effectiveness of your special COVID-19 program. A Diversey Consulting consultant will come and audit your business using an audit form especially created for this program.

  • Audit process with a solid coaching approach aimed at: supporting staff and management, providing answers to questions, evaluating the best procedure for specific situations and ensuring that the company is ready for a safe performance.
  • Audit report with compliance summary.
  • Debriefing with the team to build the action plan and set priorities.
  • Certificate of compliance microbiological sampling 


Step 4: Adapt &  Improve

Advice on how to prepare for a new wave or how to adapt to a new reality of vaccinated and non vaccinated visitors, updated with new recommendations from the WHO organization, CDC and scientific insights.

  •  Adaptation or reworking of technical manual
  • Review of Internal audit form
  • Adjustment of the support documents and wall charts


Our values


Expert advice

Our consultants have a solid background in infection prevention (veterinarians, microbiologists, etc.), and are specifically trained in international Covid-19 prevention measures and local guidelines.

Global coverage

We specialize in multi-site international partners, providing support to large companies across the globe.

Locally present

Our services are provided by local consultants to ensure local regulations and business realities are met.

Continuous Improvement

Our services are continuously updated with new recommendations from the WHO organization, CDC and insights from the scientific world and business operations.



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