Diversey Learning Management System

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The Diversey Learning Management System (DLMS) is one of the most powerful learning management tools today. It enables consistent, automated and flexible delivery of time-consuming training and process improvement management to improve compliance with cleaning protocols while minimizing costs.




  • Tracks employee training progress in every course they are enrolled to, including time-on-task, date of completion, datelines, scores, and even which questions they answered correctly or incorrectly.
  • Automatically emails detailed or summary reports of all training activities and results to appointed administrators and managers at a time and frequency of their choice.
  • Allows proprietary courses, videos, presentations, documents etc to be uploaded into a single system and ensures these are available only to specific individuals, departments, functions and even location when managing multiple sites.
  • Provides an interface totally branded to company design including layout, logo, color, language, and even the URL of the site.
  • Includes free and paid for elearning courses and training videos, including access to SkillSoft courses, all of which are tailored to each company's industry sector and training requirements.
  • Automatically notifies employees and managers of expiring certifications (i.e. time to take the course again) and events (e.g. time to attend a class or webinar)
  • Motivates employees to complete their assigned courses by running contests and awarding badges and coins which can be exchanged for rewards as decided by each individual company.


The DLMS Team also designs and produces custom eLearning courses for customers at a price based on time and effort. In summary, we offer a complete training solution – online platform, training content, compliance tracking and reporting, customization, customer control – that no other company can match. Please contact us for the DLMS platform pricing.