Clax Advanced
Driving Sustainability To New Heights

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Low Temp Laundry Program

Clax® Advanced offers the solution you need for the results you want – superior, consistently clean and bright laundry at low wash temperatures to lower your operational cost and reduce your environmental impact. Clax Advanced also delivers excellent linen hygiene and extends linen life.


Maximize Operational Efficiency

  • Optimizes your wash process
  • Saves water and energy with low temperature 
  • Shortens wash cycles
  • Increases productivity


Drive Effective Performance

  • Superior whiteness and softness
  • Beats industry standard for rewash
  • Superior freshness, as fragrance re-activates when guests use their towels, enhancing the guest experience
  • Excellent hygiene


Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • Reduces Electricity & Steam
  • Reduces Water 
  • Reduces C02 emissions
  • Extends linen life
  • Includes environmentally friendly products


Proven Performance Case Study

Diversey is committed to helping customers achieve a more sustainable business, by reducing greenhouse gases while cutting operating costs. The success of Clax Advanced has been validated in multiple countries around the world, including luxury hotels and nursing homes, with substantial operational savings* in conserving energy and water while reducing waste. The wash performance and utility savings have also been certified by Hohenstein laboratories - an independent well established research institute for laundry.

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