ClearKlens® Open Plant Cleaning

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Cleaning vertical surfaces or equipment without CIP can be a challenge using traditional methods. As a result, these are often left unclean or partially cleaned. Our low-pressure foam/gel cleaning technology tackles the challenge, bringing you a number of advantages:


  • Effective cleaning of intricate, non-approachable places
  • Low-pressure cleaning, avoiding aerosol formation
  • Cleaning with minimum manual effort leading to consistent results


You will find a Diversey product to satisfy every cleaning need, for every kind of soil, on every surface within your plant. Our unique combination of products (manual/foam/gel), machines, services, technical support, training and systems makes Open Plant Cleaning quick, efficient and effortless.


API Cleaning


Traditionally APIs are cleaned using solvents. Cleaning with solvents is expensive, time-consuming, hazardous to the environment and harmful for workers. Most solvents are also flammable in nature making the open-manual activity even more hazardous.


Diversey brings technology to clean APIs with aqueous detergents. Our proprietary formulations for API cleaning have been tested with more than 100 APIs. Get improved cleaning with safe, convenient, quick and eco-friendly technology.


Cleaning Mixing Vessels, Sidepots, etc.


Diversey have developed products and systems for cleaning, deodorizing and disinfection of equipment in cosmetic plants. Our range of machines makes cleaning safe and convenient for equipment without CIP systems.


Tablet Coating Machines


Proven cleaning programs for the removal of tablet coating polymers including Eudragit brand products and HPMC. Ask our experts for the optimum solution to remove your specific coating.


Excipient and Powder Formulations Cleaning


We work closely with our customers to choose and develop custom cleaning programs for different formulations and excipients. Contact us with the cleaning challenges you face and our Detergent Selection Program (DSP) will find the right solution for you.




Please contact your Diversey representative to confirm local product range and availability products mentioned.